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Default Re: Mites only seen with biopsy - cleaning?

All hamsters have mites under their skin, that’s natural so it may not even be mites that are causing the problem but if these mites do get out of control it’s not so much a matter of cleaning as boosting his immune system as it’s usually when their immune system isn’t as good as it could be that this happens.
It could be partially a result of the antibiotics & may also be diet related. I would start giving him some probiotics straight away which will help with that.
To help with skin condition & healing from scratching giving a pinch of flax seeds every day along with a drop of evening primrose oil on food can help a lot.
What food is he having now?
If you’ve used disinfectant in the cage or on any items make sure to rinse really well so there’s no residue of scent that could cause a problem too.
A. medicated shampoo does sound drastic washing hams at al is risky & best avoided.
If he’s been really scared or if the treatment on his wounds was painful then it is going to be difficult to pick him up, I know a lot of people don’t like scruffing but if done properly it is probably the only way to do it. Not sure what else to suggest for that really.
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