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Originally Posted by Petite View Post
Hello, Pokii, and welcome to the forum! It's good to know you're researching everything before you get the hamster. What kind are you looking for?

One of the most important things to begin with is getting an enclosure that's big enough. That almost certainly won't be one from your local pet store, but if you need any info on best cages and the size needed (which is more than you might think) there is plenty on this forum (look under the "Let's see your cages...." thread). There is also info on DIY cages. You can make many items for enrichment yourself (look for Erin's hamster videos on youtube). Don't forget to think about where to site the cage: if you are a light sleeper, you probably don't want your hammie running on his wheel all night in your room!

One thing to steer clear of is that lovely fluffy bedding you can buy in pet shops. I know it looks very cosy, but it's not good for a hammie's insides.

If you have any questions at all....ask away.
Thank you for all the info! As for the kind im looking for, I wanted to get a syrian, but because they aren't really common in my area, Im now deciding between a Winter White or Roborovski Dwarf hamster, since they seem to be the most readily available where I live. All my research has been for a Syrian, so im not sure on how they act or what they need.
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