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Default Extremely aggressive hamster

We got our little Syrian hamster, Capuccino, three months ago. He was a month old and is perfectly healthy. We've been trying to "tame" him, letting him smell our hands, giving him treats, spending time with him, etc, but it's no use. He refuses to be touched and hates it when someone's even in the same room with him. The kids (7 and 11) are too scared to touch him because he keeps biting me, and he refuses to leave the cage. When I clean his cage, I have to spend 10-15 minutes trying to convince him to get into his travel cage using a walnut. He has already chewed through the plastic bottom of him cage in three different corners, and looks and behaves as if he hates all if us.

For information: he has a huge (80x50x60 cm) cage and tons of straw and bedding to burrow in, in addition to a house, a bed, a sand bath, and lots of toys that we rotate. He gets seeds, those hanging nuts-and-dried-fruit snacks, in addition to fresh fruit and veggies every single day, and a walnut 3-4 times a week. He has the guest room/office all to himself (I now have to work from the bedroom because he hates it when I'm in the room.) The room is sunny during the day, dark at night, and very quiet.

What should I do? He has become a great source of stress for me, and the kids are scared of him! Any tips are greatly appreciated =)
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