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Default Re: Syrian suddenly more aggressive, and I may have lost her trust?

Hi, I have my hamsters in my living room, which is where I spend most of my day, it does not bother them one bit, even the more scared hamsters when they first arrive.

I think it is worth noting that not all hamsters are tamable with in a week or two. It can take a couple of months sometimes. From what you are saying It does sound like you need to continue going very slowly with your hamster to keep building up that trust.

The fact that the hissing has stopped is a good sign and that she is slowly learning to trust you.

I would maybe leave the gloves/hands things at least for another week or so and see how she is doing with you then.

Alternatively, you could try picking her up in a jug/mug etc and take her to a safe place for a run around, somewhere that she has access to you too and see if she gets used to you away from her cage. Have you tried anything like that yet?
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