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Default Re: Syrian suddenly more aggressive, and I may have lost her trust?

Okay, it's been well over a week since I originally made this post so I think now would be a good time to update. I left Dio alone for about a week, apart from food and water changes I didn't interfere with her. The hissing has stopped however she's still upset by my presence. After that week I started sitting outside her cage again and she just doesn't seem comfortable with me yet.

At this point I'm pretty sure she's just aggressive by nature, because every time anything comes near her, whether it's a hand, a stick or a brush (was cleaning outside of her cage because some sand got out) she always tries to bite it and if she can't bite, she'll make every effort to be as close to the object as possible.

I'm still going to carry on with taming though, I bought some gardening gloves yesterday and I've tried interacting with her while they're on. I know it's not ideal but they're effective enough, without them I wouldn't be able to continue taming at all because the risk of her biting hard is too high. I'm hoping that with the gloves, she'll either get tired of biting them or realise my hand isn't a threat and feel less upset. One of you mentioned squeaking to communicate to her that her bites aren't good and I'm doing that too.

I'm curious about y'alls opinions on a few things though:
1. I keep Dio in my room, and since I spend a lot of time there during the day I'm wondering if it's negatively impacting her? I don't want to stress her out or mess up her sleep schedule, so should I move her to a different room or is the stress of moving her not worth it?
2. Since she's nearing the age of 10 weeks and is probably going to start going into heat soon, is there anything I should know in advance, particularly about aggressive hamsters in heat?
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