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Smile Heyo! Im new!


I'm a teenager looking to adopt a hamster for my birthday soon c:

I've wanted a pet for a while, and the pandemic has sorta made me think more seriously about looking into one (the loneliness and all). Since my home isn't really acceptable for a dog or a cat, I've been looking into small animals, and I thought a hamster would probably be the best for me and my family.

I managed to get a yes from my parents by showing them the research I did and a diagram of a possible DIY the enclosure I drew, so right now I'm really digging deep into researching everything I can, stuff like, diet, enrichment, etc, cause I want to give it as good as a life a I can!!

I found this website while I was doing my research, so I thought I'd join and introduce myself!! Nice to meet you!
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