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Default Re: Signs of mites - even tho' I freeze everything!

Originally Posted by cypher View Post
It can be confusing & sometimes virtually impossible to ID little bugs, there are just so many of them!
I canít really offer any advice but as long as Percy is ok & theyíre not causing him any issues then try not to worry too much & just see how it goes, maybe donít look too close for a awhile!
Haha, you're right! Actually, I think I might finally have found some stuff out (I got to bed veeeeery late last night after a LOT of googling!)

Got through the vet who it turns out couldn't see anything on the slide (it had squashed) and had 'suspected' demodex mite - Not the same thing as seeing it!! I won't be using that surgery again!

Found about 8 more of the tiny wanderers last night. My friend works in a lab and she borrowed a powerful lense with a light on usually used for looking at skin problems. We managed to get one of these bugs under the lense without it squishing and ... got a full photo of it! I'll post at some point for ref. Little white teardrop body, brown legs. Definitely not a bloodsucker. Percy completely unphased by them.

The closest I can find are flour mites and mould mites (sometimes called pantry mites) which look identical to this. They seem to live on wheat, dried fruit, anywhere between 20-25 degrees and with higher humidity. This would explain why they're only ever in Percy's house near his stash in his room where he sleeps all day. They are apparently harmless but of course not great to have as they poop and leave marks on stuff eventually and can cause dust allergy. Apparently freezing only kills the live mites, not their eggs. Even for days at a time! Hardy little blighters..

So... I've ordered Percy a new bag of food and realised that a)he's happy and they aren't bothering him and b)I don't have to feel guilty about being a bad ham-mum and not being able to keep his house 'clean' - they can emerge in the cleanest places. I'll clean out his detolf and wash it this evening and hope I can get rid of them but relieved they aren't anything sinister which could hurt him.

Might sleep easier tonight and - yeah, might not go over his whole house with my phone flashlight tonight!!
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