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Originally Posted by sushi_78 View Post
They bring their own food. I only supply the bedding and fresh vegetables.

I know about the porphyrin as gerbils get that too. I've had a rash of gerbil guests with chronic sore eyes this past summer so have seen a lot of porphyrin recently.

I follow Isamu Rats on Youtube and Rat Care UK on Facebook so I can keep up with the latest advice to give to owners, but I didn't know that about the Science Selective pellets. Is it a very recent change? I read about the mammary tumour issue with other pellets but thought SS were considered about as a good as pellets get (which isn't very good of course).
Ah that's ok then. Some people freak out when they see porphyrin for the first time as it looks like blood hence why I mentioned it.

Breeders have made a link between p@h nuggets and tumours. Lines which have a low tumor rate suddenly had loads while on p@h nuggets.

On YouTube, emiology, is a great channel which also touches upon it.

This was a few years ago and have since supposedly revised the ingredients but I personally wouldn't use it.

SS is considered the best shop bought food that's readily available. It's been changed within the past 2-3 years.

It's kind of like feeding your hamster on pellets. No variety and often marketed for different rodents as well which have different requirements.

Rats need variety in their diet. It's always more enriching too. So rat rations is normally the way to go.
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