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Default Re: Signs of mites - even tho' I freeze everything!

Guys, I am SO confused. I must have researched the types of mites 100 times, The local vet nurse had ID'ed these as demodex, but then everything I read says they can't be seen. Also, hamster mites are apparently long and dark whereas these under magnification are white and teardrop shaped arachnids. There are hundreds of posts online of people saying they've found some in their hamster / gerbil / rat nclosure. Pet seems unbothered by them. Owner is freaked out. But nowhere can i find anything which says what they re and how they get in! I live in a sealed new build and I can't believe these are rodent mites from wild mice or book mites or any others related to parasites - I've done a lot of googling and they don't look the same. Other owners are having the same bugs appear but as yet i can't identify them even though they're common! I did a clean out, re-froze everything edible plus the new bedding had been freezing and a few days later there were 4 of the little blighters wandering up his house wall. Argh. Can only assume one was on him or something avoided the disinfectant but it's completely disheartening. Percy himself is the picture of health and not scratchy, at least, but I feel like a failure for not being able to work out the issue! I called the vet who ID'ed the sample but couldn't get past reception. So weird.

I'm a bit stumped by this...
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