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Default Re: Overweight Dwarf

I’m not familiar with those foods so can’t really comment on how suitable they may or may not be but most hams don’t tend to overeat & the best way to help them maintain a healthy weight is to keep them active & busy.
What kind of cage does he have? They need quite a lot of space, I keep mine in a minimum of 80x50cm, with deep substrate so they can dig & burrow & have plenty of space for enrichment.
Scatter feeding keeps them active too & is much more natural for them than using a bowl although if you do use a bowl it’s best to combine both for a while until your ham gets more used to foraging.
A good size wheel at least 8” that spins freely is essential for exercise.
Is your ham having out of cage time? Having a playpen or other secure area with lots of toys & things to explore will help keep him active too.
Russian hybrids vary a lot in weight & size so as long as your ham is active & having a healthy diet then there shouldn’t be any need to worry.
As for veg, give broccolli raw not cooked, lettuce is ok occasionally but not too often, there are lots of different veg you can give & variety is important, try to stick to mostly green veg & avoid sweeter ones, I wouldn’t give popcorn as it doesn’t really add any benefit to his diet.
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