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Default Re: Syrian suddenly more aggressive, and I may have lost her trust?

What Luna said She may have moved her nest because she wasn't quite settled and the cage was disturbed with the spot cleaning. I think that is the most likely thing - although they look for somewhere cooler when it's hot they tend to just lie there rather than taking their nest and hoard with them. Although her behaviour in that respect may be a bit different because there are two separate, connected, bins. I personally don't feel two connected cages works very well and they do much better with one larger area than two connected ones. It helps them have normal behaviours so they have everything in one area and the cage is like their habitat.

But agree, leave her alone for now and see what she does. I wouldn't do anything in the cage at all just yet as she got so freaked recently. Except put food and water out. She will go back to the main cage for the food and water. You could perhaps put a bit of cucumber inside her old house to see if that tempts her to move back into it, but she's more likely to just eat the cucumber and go back to her new nest.

She needs that two weeks. Then think about how to adapt things a bit. Although if you "spot clean" the sand bin a bit that might make her move back again! But I'd leave it a couple of days before attempting that.
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