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Default Re: Signs of mites - even tho' I freeze everything!

Demodex Mites Burrow under the skin and can only be seen with a Skin Scraping observed under a Microscope at a Vets. More likely you are seeing Newly Hatched Rodent Mite Nymphs. They are very very very very tiny but like you said on a light color surface and a bit of total focus on the light surface you can see them move about. They come in this old house via wild field mice that sneak in the hollow walls and when the mice die in the walls the Mites MUST find a new host. If the mice get into the House the mites drop off into the carpet and soon lay eggs billions of eggs which in 2 weeks hatch and the cycle starts all over again. Freezing for a long time does NOT kill the eggs at all.

Applying Spot on Rodent Mite drops is the best way to stop the Mites cycle as new hatched Nymphs are not mature to reproduce, But are easily killed with the medications. So keep all frozen food.Bedding,Toys etc in sealed containers for at least 14 days THEN freeze the stuff for a week and that should solve the Mite issue, BUT do treat Percy if at all possible so if any some how manage to survive the deep freeze his spot on will get them before they are at the reproduction age.
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