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Default Re: Cage/Peer pressure on social media

I was pounced on in one FB Group and eventually was Ban because I had an older(almost 2 years old Syrian given to me because her owner claimed she was a pain and would not allow her to even pet her. She came with a single floor Critter Trail Cage, and I was expecting her to enjoy more space in a Christmas tree bin. She DID have a bigger size wheel in the CT cage, but to fit it they had to remove the sleep loft and there was not space for a good size hide so she just had a bedding made nest.

After just a few days in the new bin I noticed she was constantly hiding, and by the water level of the Bottle she was not drinking properly at all. Food was always left out in the open and by counting Lab blocks I knew none were being ate at all.

She had plenty of Toys and lots of hides to help her feel secure so I was beginning to suspect she was ill, BUT when I finally forced her to come out all that was wrong is she was terrified of all that space. Moved her into a 110 liter Bin cage and she was a bit better but still not acting a normal Hamster.

Moved her down to a 66 litter and she still hid and seldom came out of her hide and never played with any toys at all. So in a desperate move I found a two floor Critter Trail in the garbage pick-up bin and found it was just missing the end caps for the tubs to attach. So I took those off the small Critter trail cage she came with and placed a hide and her wodent wheel Jr in and problem solved she started eating like a normal Hamster came out and ran on her wheel and drank the normal amount of water. Started gaining weight and became quite friendly and waiting for her play time with me.

She was satisfied in the small Critter Trail and lived happily until she was over 2 years old.

Sometimes you just have to go with what makes the Hamster's wants filled. When I take Photos I make sure there is Nothing to give any idea how big or small the Hamsters cage is, and seldom take in cage photos at all as I found that stops the rants and Badgering from those People who believe a Hamster is to be kept as close to wild as is possible, and Yes those Countries who push the huge glass tanks feel they are environmentalist, and only a care taker and that Hamsters should NOT be cuddled or played with at all. Sorta like a Zoologist instead of a pet owner.
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