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Default Re: Cage/Peer pressure on social media

Great to see some positive engagement and some opposing views.

What I have always loved about this forum, is that no matter how long my absences may be (sorry mod team!), whenever I log back on the attitude all our members have to each other is so mature and civil. It makes me really proud!

I've just been having a look at #hamstergram and saw a quite small duna style cage for a syrian in one of the baltic countries. Yes the cage is small, but you can see the owner has really tried their best with it..substrate, hammocks, hides and the photos of them with the hamster all look nice a caring and responsible. I would much rather see a set up like that where it is obvious the hamster is loved and cared for to the best that person can provide in their circumstances/country.. than, as some of you have said, a hamster that is used just for photoshoots in a large cage. But as expected, they have some comments from UK accounts telling them wheel too small, cage too small...

I also agree with your point Serendipity about not having the ideal cage.

My sister is quite popular on IG with her small business and pet account and sent Boromir loads of treats and things. Ive politely told her thanks but no thanks as he just wasn't interested and it goes to waste on him. Whenever I tried to change his cage, he would start doing laps and seemed quite stressed out for days.. sleeping in different places and making a little hiccup sound. When I put things back it stopped so I personally believe, no change and a smaller space suited him.

I'm saddened to read some have felt the peer pressure and it's put you off posting on other mediums. I'm glad to hear so many are comfortable here though.

I used to be a bit more involved in "hammy world" and remember talking to many respected breeders about their set ups and was suprised to learn they kept their hammies in what would be deemed, smaller than expected, cages. And nobody could ever accuse these individuals of being cruel!

Perhaps the online social media hamster owners are of a different "variety" and just a product of our social media society now.
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