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Default Rose petals and apple leaves

I've tried searching for the answers to my questions for a long time so I'm sorry if they have already been answered and I've just missed them...

I know that hamsters can eat rose petals but does the variety of the rose matter at all or can they have any? Also, can they eat them fresh or do they need to be dehydrated first?

Similarly with apple leaves - does the variety matter and can they eat them fresh or do they need drying first?

Also, just a side question just to save having to make a separate thread - is there any way to encourage hamsters to chew Whimzees? Most peoples' hamsters seem to go crazy for them, but all mine have just seemed uninterested. I've tried various shapes and sizes but all they ever get is a mere nibble. I've tried smearing a little peanut butter and rubbing a yogurt drop on them but nothing. None of my boys have shown much interest in millet either.
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