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Default Re: Rescue Winter White

Like you, i also adopted a dwarf from p@h who was a very unhappy little hamster, he was ill and aggressive, bit everything he could get his teeth into but through time and with love and patience he was able to live a happy hamster life which was all i ever wanted for him.
I was never able to pick him up but eventually i could stroke him while he run around on my lap. Percy walked into his mug and i transported him in and out of his cage in his hamster taxi.
I applaud you for taking on a hamster with issues who no doubt, would still be in the pet shop if it weren't for you and believe me, it is so so rewarding to see a hamster like that enjoy life with you.
Talk to him a lot and take it very slow, go at his pace and whatever he feels comfortable with.
Everything is new to him and he probably goes with what he knows and feels secure with just now which is his wheel but he may well be exploring when you're asleep. You are doing everything you can to provide him with a happy life and once he has adjusted to his new world and sniffed out his new surroundings, he'll venture out.
My hamster didn't like a playpen but liked a play bincage with extra toys.
The Alaska is a spacious and airy cage, its a great cage, i have one too but make sure the set up is cozy without exposed areas and with plenty of cover and hidey places. It may be a good idea to tie some mats/boredom breakers around the inside of half of the cage to make it darker.
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