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Default Rescue Winter White

Hi everyone, I would appreciate any advice you could offer regarding my Winter White hamster (male) who is my fourth rescue from Pets at Home. I have had him about three weeks now. When I got him, I was told that he is about ten months old and has always been extremely aggressive to humans, made worse by him being in the store through lockdown. Apparently he only has to get a glimpse of flesh, and he latches on. My main concern is giving him a happy life after being in a tiny glass cage, I donít mind if he doesnít want to be petted. He is in a large cage (Alaska I think) with a sand bath, Bridges, tunnels and a wheel. So far, all he seems to do is spend a great deal,of time on the wheel,occasionally jumping off and having a look,then getting back on again. He doesnít appear to be exploring his surroundings at all. He has taken treats from my hand, but then seems to lose interest. I would very much like him to be able to have a run out of his cage,but would this be too much for him? Also, I will need to clean the cage soon and am unsure how to remove him safely without getting bitten. Any ideas on a good approach for this little chap? Many thanks
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