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Default Re: Question about cleaning Ikea Detolf

I got my Robo last August and did a full clean after 3.5 months because i thought i ought to. I was wrong and quickly realized that a tiny Robo's pee evaporates and poo is nothing to worry about. Now i only clean part of the tank and use my (big) nose as a guide. No unnecessary cleaning in this household.

Same applies to my dwarfs' enclosures and my Syrian pees in a toilet filled with sand which i clean as and when needed. His cages gets miffy every 6-8 weeks so i clean it but save as much as possible of the nest and hoard to avoid a major hamster strop.

Only one i cleaned fairly frequently was my late dwarf's cage who was a diabetic who peed excessively.

Like cypher says, it does depend on the hamster.

Go by the as little as possible guide and you'll find put what works for your hamster.
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