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Default Re: Hamster only waking up late late at night and going to bed early arly in the morn

That's a beautiful home and I agree about the bottom being filled up substrate. Majority of hamsters are night creatures, I did smile at you staying up late to watch him.
This is all new to him and he'll be enjoying exploring his new surroundings. If you want to be able to see him so you can go to bed at a reasonable time, then create a play area for him, it would have to be concealed so he couldn't escape. With mine, I've always used my hall as it's the smallest room and at first I would seal off an area so he gets used to the open area and gradually increase the space. I would also put some of his toys out so he can recognise his smell. I bought extra tubes. I would use books/catalogues so he can't get escape.
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