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Default Re: Help with a bitting hamster

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
It could be the timing. Our tame Syrian snapped at (not bit) my partner yesterday morning when he tried to stroke him. Hamster Henry had just pouched a peanut and was on his way to his house. He probably thought that my partner was trying to steal it so he defended his treasure.

My foster dwarf hamster screeched at me when i tried to interact with him yesterday afternoon so i let him be.

Timing can make a big difference and some hamsters can only be handled when they want human contact.

Do you make sure that he has food available to him at all times and nibbles like millet sprays and a whimzee to chew on? It's important they have something to forage for when they feel like it. Their hoard is precious to them and they love to add to it.

I'm sure you know all that but i'm only trying to help figure out what could make him grumpy enough to bite.
I accidentally threw out his hoard during the last cage clean. Could it be that?
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