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Originally Posted by Mea View Post
Hello Everyone!

Disclaimer: I do not have a hamster yet since I am researching and trying to gather all necessary items in order to make a hamster cage. I want to build and buy everything (bedding, food, hideouts, toys, etc) and set up the cage before getting the hamster.

I already knew that I want to get a Syrian Hamster and have been looking through Youtube videos on making a DIY cage. I really want to recreate VanillaHamHam IKEA Linnmon Hamster Cage. However, when looking on IKEA website, I noticed that the measurements were off. In the video, the measurements were 42 3/8" x 19 9/16" but on the website the Hemnes Glass Table Top is now 42 1/2 x 19 5/8".

In the DIY video, it mentions that the glass top would overhang each side by 0.61 cm. Instead of overhanging, would the glass top then fit perfectly? Would I be able to still use the new IKEA Hemnes glass even with the new measurements?

The Linnmon table tops (3x) I need are: 39 3/8 x 23 5/8. The depth is 3.4 cm.
One is to become the base, one would be split into two sides (50 cm each) and the other would have 13.4 cm taken off becoming 46.6 cm and serve as the back.

I really hope it would still work. This is my first DIY project like this and with everything going on (the pandemic and being in quarantine) I can't really go out and get the stuff in person. I was just hoping to order everything and have it delivered directly to my house. Please let me know if this is possible or if there is some other glass I can purchase and have delivered to my house. I live in the United States.

In the meanwhile, thank you everyone and I hope that you (and your family and hamsters!) are safe. Hope everyone has a wonderful day
Same here, I came on this site to research before I actually get a hamster. The Ikea Linnmon looks cool but Iíve never built it or thought of building it as I am going to make a diy cage from scratch/preface melamine. It depends if you have the resources and if Ikea delivers ó plus if it is in your price range. The cage I am building will have 1300sq inches of floorspace, with some melamine from B&Q (but could be from any hardware store) and some custom cute plexiglass/acrylic. In most cases plexiglass is cheaper than real glass.

Iím sorry I donít know much about the Linnmon but I wish you luck!
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