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Unhappy my hamsters balls are blue

Hi, Iím new to this website and desperately need help. My hammy Humphrey is quite an old man (2 and a half), so does have dandruff, he is a syrian and is very social and loving. A few days ago we noticed his balls, which are usually pinky red, had dark blue purple veins which quickly grew to cover his balls the next day. When I went to check today they had gotten a bit better. Since getting this he has been falling asleep in weird places, such as the top of his bendy tube and in a corner, when he always sleeps in his nest. When this happens it is very short, he sleeps in these weird places for minutes or even seconds then gets up and continues. He is still running and is still happy to be handled, and eating and drinking normally as far as we are aware. We were planning to take him to the vets, but because of lockdown this may be difficult to go quickly. It has also recently got hotter as we are coming into summer in england, which I heard can make his balls enlarged. Does anybody have any idea what this looks like it could be? I would appreciate any help, we love him so much!<3
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