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Default Hamster only waking up late late at night and going to bed early arly in the morning

I have recently adopted/rescued a little robo hammy a week ago, but I am struggling to fit in with his sleeping patterns as he wakes up at 11:30 at night and goes back to bed about 3 in the morning. It is driving my mum up the wall that I am staying awake till goodness what hours just to see little Elliott. We normally go to bed at 10 and wake up about 6:30. Before bringing him home I thought that I might see and hour of him before and after our bedtime. It is making it impossible taming him at gone midnight or setting my alarm at 2 in the morning. I understand that he is nocturnal and I respect that but how do you all fit in with your hamster, as when I begin school again I fear that with the early bedtimes I will never get a chance to see or be with him.
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