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You could have a look at the thread "Let's see your cages" on the Forum under Housing for ideas.

The website Zooplus sells tank style enclosures and shows customers photos which can be interesting to look at.

I find that adding a level or two rather than all flat can really help with creating a more natural set up. By level i mean a platform or flat roofed big wooden house on each end of the tank submerged into substrate with a bendy bridge ladder leading up to it. I like the 55cm long Trixie bendy ladders and my dwarfs love to run across them and so does my Syrian but his is suspended midair because he likes heights.
Cork, wicker, wood, a ceramic mushroom hamster hide, coconut hut, boredom breaker mats, stones, pebbles and lots of different millet sprays are all good materials for a natural set up.
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