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Exclamation Hamster suddenly aggressive and biting help!


I am a first time hamster owner to a Syrian hamster and Iíve had him for around 6-7 months now. He has always been a sweet and energetic hamster, but recently I watched a few videos about proper hamster care and decided to get him a much larger cage (bin cage) with more toys.

Itís been about 3-4 days since Iíve switched his cage and all of the sudden heís started biting me and being aggressive. Prior to these incidents heís only bitten me a few times when i had first brought him home. I am worried I have done something wrong or if this is normal behavior when switching cages. I also worry he may be sick and if this behavior will continue because for the last 3 days any time iíve taken him out of his cage heís bitten me, so iím afraid to pick him up!

It is also important to note his testicles on his bum were slightly red and swollen last night and i was extremely nervous he had gotten sick. I did some research and it says this typically happens in male hamsters in the spring. Recently itís been much warmer where I live and so the room i keep him in is naturally hotter. Iíve turned on my fan in hopes of helping. Iím just extremely worried iíve done something wrong and his behavior will stay this way.
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