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Unhappy Circling hamster with a bulging eye

I have some concerns about my hamster, Bonnie. She seems to be more clumsy than usual as in she's bumping into things and clambering over toys. She also seems to be circling quite a bit for a few seconds and then she stops for a couple of seconds and starts spinning again. I have also noticed that one of her eyes is slightly bulged.
My first thought was that she was blind in one eye but when I looked it up, a few different websites suggested an inner ear infection.
I am honestly a bit lost as to what to do because Ireland is currently on a two week lockdown which means I can't get her to the vet.
I'm not sure what the problem actually is as she doesn't have any other symptoms that could point to a diagnosis.
Her appetite is normal and she is still drinking normally. I haven't made any changes to her diet, lifestyle or routine recently and she hasn't shown any problems before now.
Is there any changes I should make to her enclosure to stop her bumping intp things? Is there any home remedies I can use for her? Is she in pain?
I have so many questions but I feel so useless not being able to help her.

I would really appreciate any help anyone could offer.
Thank you
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