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Default Re: Hamster dragging hand into cage

Hello and welcome to HC!

Hamsters are not that keen on changes and quite sensitive to their surroundings like different sounds, voices, smells etc.

I think that to change his environment from your house to your boyfriend's and back could unsettle him and lead to issues. Just because he's small and living in a portable home doesn't mean that he likes to be "shared". You wouldn't do that with a cat.

How big is his cage? In general, a Syrian needs a minimum 80cmx50cm cage and a dwarf a minimum 70cmx40cm. I'm just wondering because a decent sized cage isn't that easy to move.

I don't think that he likes your soap. It's more likely to be the opposite and its best to use unscented soap before handling a hamster.

It may be an idea to get a hamster each, as long as you're not away for longer than a night and leave Oreo with your boyfriend, if he's happy and settled there.
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