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Default Re: Bunny dwarf hamster dream mix

I have used this but didn't mix it with anything. Instead I just supplemented the protein. This is only really needed for the first year as they need less protein over a year old. I would give a nut once a week as a treat - either plain cashew, half a pecan or half a walnut piece. Plus a bit of freeze dried chicken once or twice a week. That seemed to be fine! If you can't get freeze dried chicken then fresh cooked meat or fish is fine as well as long as it is plain cooked with no sauces, spices etc. So if we had a roast chicken our hammy would get a bit as well. Although I only ever gave that during out of cage time to make sure it was eaten and not pouched. It was pouched once but must have been eaten straight away in the nest as no chicken was found to go off!

Also freeze dried shrimps are used by some.

The other thing I did was get some Science selective hamster which is an all in one food wiht the correct protein and scatter a couple of those pellets twice a week as extras. Just to make sure he was getting enough of everything.
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