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Originally Posted by sushi_78 View Post
I use kiln-dried pine without any problems, as do many others. There's some uncertainty over its safety, which is why many prefer to avoid it, but I go by the "tried and tested" approach. My Robo loves burrowing in it and it holds her tunnels up well. It's up to you whether you are comfortable using pine.

Hemp bedding is similar in texture and consistency to wood shavings, but isn't made from softwood so there isn't the same uncertainty over its safety. I'm not sure if you can get hemp in Greece.

Another option would be spruce shavings, if you can find them. Spruce is technically a softwood but has negligible levels of phenols (the compounds responsible for the controversy over pine). It should still be kiln-dried before use.

You could also try mixing the Carefresh with some hay or shredded paper, which might help hold up his tunnels better.
Bedding options in Greece are limited. My only options are to make my own bedding out of kitchen paper, buy carefresh or buy wood shavings but not knowing the type of wood they are made of. I believe that my hamster generally likes to play in wood and sleep in paper, but I was kind of sceptical about wood shavings because a lot of people say they can cause raspiratory problems. I don't know if carefresh is bad of not, but I can most certainly say that Oscar doesn't enjoy playing in it. His cage surface looks flat because he never digs it and I also think that he has trouble transporting it. I think I might switch back to wood, so I wanted some extra advice so thank you for the answer
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