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Default Re: Hybrids vs purebreds

Thanks for your reply, Serendipity. I see your point about a Syrian, although it wasn't actually something I had considered; oddly, there is just something about them that doesn't attract me in the same way as a dwarf! I'd be quite happy to re-home a rescue dwarf, but there aren't any rescue places in this neck of the woods.

I had thought about a roborovski, and I do find them appealing. However, since my dwarf is already on order and MAY arrive next weekend (I hope), I have reconciled myself to thinking that maybe I was just unlucky with Theo. Having two hammies is a good idea, but it would be a case of where to put the other one. I couldn't house another detolf! Even finding a suitable space for another smaller cage might be a problem due to my work arrangements (I work from home). But I might go for a roborovski another time. Dwarves are such fascinating creatures!

Many thanks for your thoughts on this.

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