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Pickle has settled nicely into his cage and seems very happy and out and about a bit more in his cage. The big front door has made a huge difference as well and he seems more relaxed. Less clanging of bars and I think the lower height makes a difference. He actually came out voluntarily last night and had a good bit of free roaming and some sofa time. He is still quite a shy hamster in a way as he seems to just like sitting under something when he's out. He nearly dug himself down under the sofa seat cushions when there was nothing to sit under on the sofa - quite a funny moment with just his butt and back legs sticking out. So he still does his "Ostrich" thing

Here he is out and about in his cage and not the slightest bit bothered by my hand in the cage putting food out. A bit of foraging for nesting material and happy with the cage door open. Photos aren't very sharp due to low light and using my phone.

He and Moo were both out at the same time doing the same things - I wonder if they have got into a kind of sync! Pickle snacked, Moo snacked, Pickle drank from his bottle, Moo drank from his bottle. Moo didn't forage for bedding though - he has a slightly bigger nesting compartment and huge nest already

Pickle out and about 5.jpg

Pickle out and about.jpg

Pickle out and about 2.jpg

Pickle out and about 3.jpg

Pickle out and about 4.jpg

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