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Default Re: Hybrids vs purebreds

I am very sorry about your last hammy - that is so sad and very hard when she was so young and you were so attached to her. She was very lucky to have a caring owner, but I completely understand that the heart can only take so much in one go! And it would be nice for you now to have a healthy, vigorous hamster who lives a good life span. Have you considered getting a Syrian instead of a dwarf hamster? There are often people wanting to rehome Syrians who are only a few months old (child gets bored etc) and I have a very unscientific theory that if a hamster has survived living in a rescue or to a certain age, that they are probably healthy! We adopted a 1 year old syrian last year, but I have a younger syrian as well - after we had our previous two hamsters die earlier in the year. One was a good age, the other, the robo, had cancer. My heart couldn't have coped with just the 1 year old syrian as I know his remaining lifespan will not be that long - but he's doing very well! So I like to have two hamsters - because I still have one to care for if the other dies.

Have you considered that? It can be some comfort. It may be that there aren't many hamsters privately advertising for rehoming in your area though as you sound remote!

You could also consider a roborovski hamster? Although they are very tiny and not as easily handleable. Our robo never really was hand tame but fun to watch. I had a Syrian and a robo at the same time, so had plenty of handling with the Syrian.

Generally Syrians are supposed to be fairly disease free - until they reach old age. Again if there have been some bad breeding practices, they may have a hidden genetic issue - weak heart eg. But they are not hybrids and generally they are healthy little creatures.
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