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Default Re: Hybrids vs purebreds

Originally Posted by cypher View Post
I just wanted to ask if you are aware that you are getting a hybrid as you say WW so I wasn't sure?
I was told by the shop that my last ham was a winter white, but I see now from another thread that she must have been a hybrid as she had red eyes. I have asked for a WW, but I'm assuming this can't be guaranteed just by virtue of the fact that I will be buying her from a shop. I have no idea who the suppliers are - only that they are somewhere on the UK mainland (which is why I haven't got her yet, due to the stormy weather and ferries not sailing).
To respond to an earlier post, no, the ruptured eye wasn't due to an accident. The problem with the eye appeared when she was around 7-8 months old, was thought by the vet to be glaucoma, but didn't respond to treatment. I was very attached to her when she was put to sleep, and was hoping that the new hammy might live longer, although I know there are no guarantees.
Many thanks for all the replies to my thread - I have been educated some more and am very grateful for all your knowledge!
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