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Default Re: Hybrids vs purebreds

All been said above and I hope it helps. At the end of the day, all hamsters have fairly short lifespans and hybrids have been around for a very long time. They also need good homes and good owners. The main thing is to be aware that there may be health issues that could shorten their lifespan a bit. However this is also the case for Syrians due to breeding practices and there have been some very sad cases of Syrians dying at just a few months old - probably genetic heart defects.

Getting a pedigree from a breeder means you are more likely to have a healthy hamster who will live a good lifespan but is also not guaranteed- even then a hamster may die young for no known reason- could be a birth trauma effect or just being a runt of the litter.

So yes do be aware that hybrid dwarf hamsters are prone to genetic illness which may or may not shorten their lifespan and they are predisposed to diabetes. But they make lovely pets
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