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Default Re: Hybrids vs purebreds

Unfortunately hybrids do tend to be more prone to disease & general health problems, ethical breeders breeding pure WW or Campbells will only breed from healthy hams & try to breed out any health problems from their lines & this is often not the case with pet shop suppliers, also just being a hybrid of two species can lead to problems with hybrid hams.
Generally though I would agree with Serendipity that a lot of it is luck, you can only give your ham the best care you can whatever species & you can't really care more for a hybrid than you would a pure WW or Campbells so try not to over think things or worry too much. Hybrids like Campbells are more prone to diabetes but all you can do is feed an appropriate diet & do regular health checks just in case a problem does arise.
As for lifespan there's really no certainty, pure breds may stand a better chance of living longer but then I've had a hybrid live until well over two and a half so you can never really guess what will happen.
I just wanted to ask if you are aware that you are getting a hybrid as you say WW so I wasn't sure?
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