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Default Re: Quick question about free roaming

I doubt that a big open space would work because hamsters naturally look for somewhere to take shelter or hide in.

My Syrian didn't like the big playpen with various toys and would just sit and sulk most of the time. I tried him on our big bed and the first time he froze so i put him back in his cage. I tried again about a week later with me laying or sitting on the bed and he was fine with that but kept running to the edge and i was worried that he'd jump off before i could catch him.

The solution was free roaming in the spare room which doubles as a guest/motorcycle gear room. I checked this room inch by inch, made sure that all sockets were switched off and any cables out of reach. When he is in the mood for out of cage time which doesn't often happen, he will zoom along the edges of the room, strip wallpaper in a particular corner where i've placed a large cardboard envelope now so he can strip that instead and generally enjoy himself exploring. There are no hamster toys on the floor because he climbs in and out of boots, sits under a helmet to groom and munch seeds (he keeps a hoard in the helmet!) and he runs along under the futon and sits under motorcycle seats on the floor.
Two dwarf hamster live in this room now so there's usually a spillage of seeds on the floor for him to forage for.

My suggestion to you would be to try out various hamster friendly options to see what works for your hamster. Best to try an option more than once because a hamster may be cautious of something new but the second time it may feel familiar and be ok. If your hamster gets frightened or scared put him back in the cage immediately and try again in a few days. If he absolutely hates something abandon the mission altogether of course.
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