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Default Re: concerned about elderly hamster

My 2 and a half year old has arthritis, thin/weak bag legs too and they splay out. I made sure her wheel was wide enough to accommodate this, and made sure everything was on one level in her cage. She has been to the vets re all of this and she is on pain medication. I think she is far more comfortable since on the medication. She also still has a moments when she just zooming around, but her back legs can't keep up with her so she falls over. As for how long hamster can carry on like this, every hamster is different, it could be months I guess. It has been about 4 months so far with Star but I'm not sure how much longer she will have, I just keep an eye on her and as long as she still has some quality of life that is all I can do. If things change I will seek the vets advice again.

Not sure about salt licks and vitamin drops, I don't think they are good for a hamster, maybe look into adding some extra treats like baby food, porridge or eggs.
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