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Default concerned about elderly hamster

My male hamster Snowball is 2 and a half years old and I am concerned about him. He has difficulty walking and has been like this for a few months. His back legs are very thin and he walks with his back legs splayed out and sort of drags them behind him. when he stands he doesn't stand on his feet but the soles are upwards with his back legs splayed. His nails look a bit long. he has circling disorder too although hasn't been showing symptoms of this much lately. he chews cardboard boxes manically instead. he falls over a lot and I have to handle him with gloves as he bites. Something which started with his circling disorder. he still eats quite well and sleeps most of the time. Normal for his age. he appears content enough most of the time. I am just wondering though how long this can carry on? I don't want to take him to the vet as it distresses him and there is not much they can do for hamsters anyway. I have also noticed that he licks the plastic tub I put him in to get him out of his cage. Why? I s he picking up salts? Extra trace nutrients? Should I give him a salt lick or vitamin drops?
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