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Default Female syrian (Bella), Wallington, Surrey

Location: Wallington, Surrey

Kind of hamster: Syrian

Hamster age: Approximately 9 months

Reason they were abandoned /require rehoming? Poor Bella has already had two homes. We're not sure what happened in the first but she ended up in a pet shop adoption centre. Her adopters weren't able to give this very bright, active hamster the time and space she needed.

Any health problems/special needs? None known

Any behavioural problems? Bella appears in good health. She is confident and likes to climb on people but prefers to be in control of her handling (rather than being 'grabbed').

Type of household hamster would best be suited to: Bella has calmed down a lot since being here in a larger cage. She is very nocturnal and doesn't usually 'get out of bed' before 10pm. She will need a large, enriched cage and would like her main carers to be adults.

Link to rescue facility:
For more information send PM on forum? No
For more information send email to:

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