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Been a while since I have updated so I'll fill you guys I'm with what's been happening.

Trust building and taming has taken a little bit longer for Ghost. He's quite a shy, skittish boy. If you move to fast he'll dart to the nearest hide. He's scared of the sound of plastic too. I don't know why. The others know crinkle of plastic=food.

He's not happy being handled if there's anyone else in the room... literally jumps from my hands and back into his cage and hides. When it's just me and him he's a sweet guy. I get kisses and he grooms my hand. He'll take food from my hand and will come up to me when I'm talking to him.

He is a very active boy when he wants to be and really runs on his wheel, my other Syrians kind of jog. He has adjusted to drinking out of a bowl well despite using a bottle most of his life. He likes his veggies and has a healthy appetite. He's not very selective on what he eats, maybe on the order he eats things but that's about it. So I can't really complain.

Today for the first time he's started nest making and chewing cardboard. He doesn't seem to chew a lot despite having a variety of chew toys but his teeth aren't overly long so he's obviously wearing them down somehow.

It has been a month since I've got him so despite everything I think he's doing well. He's also gained 50g, probably could get away with gaining a bit more weight but I'm not too worried about that.
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