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Thank you everyone. I'm sorry to be so long responding, I was shopping for supplies for him this afternoon / evening and am still learning how to use the forum. It's only been a few days since he had surgery and already it seems like a long story. I'll try to make it not too long. I took him to the vet first time on Jan 16 (Feb 2 here today) because I saw a growth on his front leg. The Dr said I could do surgery or first try an antibiotic to see if it calms down. So I went with the antibiotic / Baytril for him first for the 10 days. In the end it got more sore looking and ulcerated. Buddy was still playing, eating, and acting happy, everything as usual all that time but I decided to do the surgery because I felt it would only get worse. During surgery the Dr found a subcutaneous lump on his chest near his back leg also, so he removed it as well. He gave me another 5 days of Baytril and this time metacam too for 5 days. Bud's first night home he chewed through the surgical glue and down to the stitches underneath. So back to the Dr we went. He said..he could anesthetize him again and glue the wounds again but he would likely chew them out again. He didn't think a cone would stay on because his shoulders are so small, and if he wrapped the wounds then Bud might ingest a piece of that if he chewed it. So he said we could try to let them heal on their own. Home he came. That night he was chewing non stop, I stayed up for hours constantly blowing on him to stop and called emerg to ask if he could have his next dose of metacam early. Answer yes..and after he got his metacam his chewing calmed down. When the metacam wears down he is hobbling and wants to chew again..same thing tonight. The wound on his chest looks like it's healing ok. But the one on his leg I think is getting some pus and looks sore The Dr is closed tomorrow so I'm sure we'll be back to see him Monday. Thankfully Buddy is still eating and drinking and I let him come out for a little each night for his therapy and cuddles. I'm a mess..sometimes ok and others really stressed and upset. I bought some vet approved manuka honey and it should be delivered in about 4 days so hope it will help with the healing. I am sure my next posts won't be so long! Thank you very much for listening! He means the world to me.
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