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Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
What kind of bin cage do you have? I believe that there are clips available to keep lids in place.
Unfortunately he started chewing the plastic in the corners too

I tried moving things about so he couldn't reach the lid. He's a lot bigger than he looks. When he properly stands he's easily over 6" closer to 7". But he has a minimum of 6" of bedding to burrow so I can't remove any. The bin is 70x 40. I know, too small tut tut but I don't have room for another 80cm cage

So my solution which is working so far, is Niko my robo is in the bin. Everything from the zoozone has some how found somewhere to go in there.

Lilith is now in the zoozone. She kept sticking her nose through the bars so she's now in the ZZ and hopefully she'll be happier ( she's gained roughly 200sq inches)

Ghost is in the p@h cage (XL one. Just shy of 500sq floor space. I've added a level and essentially filled the cage so hopefully he'll be happy there. By the way I know the hanging ladder thing isn't 100% safe. He had one in the rescue and loved it. He likes to climb so I figured he could chew it as well as it's wood, rather than climbing the cage bars
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