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Default Re: Cleaning cage: where to leave the hammy?

Originally Posted by peculiarplanets View Post
So I want to clean the cage today but is it best to wake her up and get her out, so she'll (hopefully) go to sleep in the other cage while I clean, OR, should I try and get her out when she's awake tonight? I'm just nervous to get her out bc I've been making progress with her and last night she seemed sort of wary of me again (she goes back and forth a lot) so I don't want to like lose the progress we have.
Depends on the individual I think. If you're hamster is confident and trusting plus you leave them to wake up properly when you wake them I think it'll be fine. Although if she's an unsure ham then maybe wait until she wakes up naturally. Also depends when she gets up too. Don't want to be spot cleaning at 2am really do you
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