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A crazy little hamster she was and never one for attention. No matter how slow you went or how many treats you bribed her with she wanted nothing to do with you. Placing her in her ball was a task and a half and then she learned how to open said ball. As she got older i began checking her over every week. Looking a teeth checking weight that sort of thing. She had slowed down and wasnt as fiesty as she once was so these tasks became easier. Then last month i started noticing hair loss and she started to show her age. To be honest i didnt expect her to make it into the new year. Though she was fighter. The last time i checked her over she was angry and bit me and overall not herself. I knew she wasnt gonna be here for much longer. She was hardly active and just slowing down. Moved her food dish and water closer and since she never liked human interaction i stopped messing with her as much. More or less observing from afar looking for any abnormal behavior. About a week later she was found passed away in her nest. Truly the oddest hamster ive ever had and will be missed. The quiet in the bedroom has never been so deafing
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