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Default Re: Robo Food Hoarding Concerns

You could try to instead of adding food to his bowl take some out of his hoard and replace it with new stuff. I would also try maybe feeding him less often, perhaps every other day. I know a lot of people like to try to make sure their hamsters eat all or at least most of their food before adding more.

I wouldn't recommend cleaning all the bedding out because then you would be getting rid of all of his scent as well. If you can figure out where he pees you should be able to clean that out which will help with the smell. If you're going to replace the bedding though I'd recommend only changing maybe 50-75% of it so its not entirely foreign to him.

Also just as a note, the recommended minimum for hamsters is 450 sq inches. I think the 360 should be ok for the time being but it would be a good idea to look into bigger enclosures, perhaps a bin cage.
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