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Default Re: The Metallica Chronicles

Originally Posted by Otaku View Post
While it was a case of 'enter sandman' for your lads I hope Jack's lineage continues through his daughters.
I see what you did with that... nice one!

The latest update from Metallica is perhaps not as gloomy as we've not had any more deaths as such however, Jack's daughter Samantha had what I believe to be a phantom pregnancy in November and although she appeared to recover from that, she developed a bowel disorder over Christmas. The vets don't think it's cancer and have recommended a basic diet and probiotics but if that doesn't help her, we'll be off to a specialist vet to see what can be done. This has interrupted our breeding plans yet again as the only two breedable Chinese I have are also carrying the show team. I have to decide on whether to take Elizabeth off of the show team to try and breed her or whether I take the risk and hope that one of Jack's other daughters is able to carry on the line.
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