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Default Re: Wheel for Robo?

I always used my 6.5" Silent Spinners for either my mice or my dwarf hamsters and my two Robos (single males owned at different times) were both given this wheel and managed racing on it and stopping it fine. Some Robos will speed away and `learn` how to use a silent spinner once they realise how fast it goes! I can`t comment on the other wheels as I`ve no experience of them but I suppose it`s a matter of trying one and if it`s too slow or a Robo isn`t strong enough to make it spin, the SS wheel is going to work best.

P.S: A tip also with SS wheels is before puting one into use, take some superglue and gently `prize` the two sections apart with a blunt knife and place some glue between the cracks which prevent the two sections from making a clattering noise when in use. I found this worked well as the SS wheel clips together (although I never pulled both parts apart) but sometimes found that the wheel made a `clacking` type noise when in use. Supergluing around the middle stops this. Just place the glue into the cracks, turn the wheel onto it`s face and place a heavy book on top until the glue fully dries. Works great.
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