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Originally Posted by sarahbutterflies View Post
I think the smallest size recommended for dwarfs is a 6.5 inch wheel. You can definitely go up to 8 inches though and I feel like that would be better? So either one of those wheels should be suitable in size. I think whatever type of wheel and size you use for your hybrid dwarf should work well with your robo. I would choose the trixie wheel over the silent spinner though. Some people are not super fond of silent spinners, I have one for my Syrian and have not had any issues with it. The trixie wheel is just a bit bigger than the 6.5 inch silent spinner which I think would be good plus it has that covering on the front of it which can be recommended for dwarfs, especially robos, since they can run so fast and possibly get thrown from their wheel so the covering helps prevent that. I definitely wouldn't recommend anything larger than 8 inches just because they can have problems with starting it, like what happened with your hybrid dwarf. A lot of people also like the wodent wheel brand and I think it has the same covering as the trixie wheel.
Yeah I think the trixie 20cm one seems best hopefully he can run it okay he's super fast so the barriers on the wheel would definitely benefit him thanks a ton
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