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Default Re: Help a new Surprise Hamster Mom!

It is awful that his previous owner abandoned him but he sounds very fortunate to have found you!

First things first... Hamsters don't mind being 'lonely' as they are very solitary animals and WILL fight if put with another hamster so don't feel bad that he is alone. It is far far better that way!

As for his behaviour- you can start by getting him used to your voice and scent by talking to him each time you see him or are in the same room as he is. Get a tissue and keep it tucked up you sleeve or in your bra if you're a lady, basically it needs to be next to your skin for a few hours to pick up your scent, then tear the tissue up and put it in his cage. This allows him to become accustomed to your sound and smell. That's a good starting point.
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