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Exclamation Help/advice - looked like blood on the end of hamsters genitals?


I've had Juno just over two weeks now he was quite anti social and is golden with red eyes, was going to be put up for adoption as he wasn't 'liked'. He's come on really well at home we took things slowly and he'll happily run up my arms now and be stroked.

Last night he was reluctant to come out.. Spending more time in bed but eventually got in his giant mug we sometimes use for play. He was cleaning himself a lot (though I'm not sure what's normal) and I was shocked to then see his genitals pop out and what looked like a bloody clot in the end? He cleaned it and it looked normal then went away....

No visible blood in his pee corner or around his bottom end. It happened twice but after a thorough all body clean he perked up and wanted to get out and run around on the bed/on me and wasn't wanting to go back into bed.

He's on the same gourmet food as he was fed at pet's corner.. He has in the last week realised his strength and enjoys climbing, could be he fell awkwardly in the cage. It's not a high one though lots of floor space and thick layer to cushion. He is drinking water too.

Any advice? Thank you.
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